Creative + detailed product design sketches that’ll inspire you to pull out your sketchbook!

We’re always on the lookout for blooming designers who manage to create inspirational concepts and renders! Though these concepts may not always see the light of day, it’s still a joy to pour over and examine them and see the extensive innovation bright minds can come up with these days. During one of my Instagram search expeditions, I recently came across Daniel Duque (@duch_daniels), an industrial design student from Colombia! His collection of exquisitely done renders are creative, minimal, and quite heartwarming. They take us back to the basics of what we love about design. Though don’t be fooled by his cheerful and animated renders, his range of product designs are quite diverse and innovative – varying from a sustainable bamboo bed to an antique key that doubles up as a bottle opener! The simplicity, attention to detail, and minimal beauty of his sketches completely brightened my day. They reminded me of the beautiful process that takes place before the final version of any product is released. A process full of creativity, trial, and error, and the hope of creating something truly of value. And I hope they do the same for you!

I’ve seen a whole lot of innovative bed designs out there – from a 70-inch retractable screen-equipped smart bed to a bed that transforms into a desk setup! They’re all mighty impressive, and something I would love to jump into. But there’s something so simple and sustainable about Daniel Duque’s Bamboo Bed. The render features a wholesome bed with the frame created from pure bamboo. Blank space has been left between the bamboo planks and joints, making it almost look like a skeleton (minus all the creepiness). It’s a celebration of bamboo as a beautiful material, without adding anything extravagant to it. The design simply lets the material shine.

This cat house is the perfect combination of a cat tree and bed! Built from wood, it perfectly integrates a cozy resting spot for your kitty, as well as a tree-like area for your cat to jump about on. The trunk of the cat tree has been created from sisal rope, making it ideal for your cat to scratch! The cushions have been upholstered, making them super comfy for your cat to lounge about on.

This lamp concept looks like something out of Nikola Tesla’s invention book! Created from plywood and concrete, the lamp features an intriguing spiral base, followed by a light bulb-shaped lamp head. The light bulb-inspired element consists of a concrete base and twelve modules that make up its bulbous shape. It’s a raw and rustic lamp design, that is a far cry from the extravagant lamps we see today.

Daniel Duque took an antique brass key and transformed it into a bottle opener! The curved upper portion of the key, perfectly lodges into the cap of the bottle, with the hook actually opening up the bottle. Daniels manages to recreate something as ordinary as a key into a multipurpose EDC!

Though Daniel hasn’t mentioned what material he envisions these chairs to be built from, from the looks of it, they seem to be carved from bamboo. And after having a look at his bamboo bed, chairs made from bamboo wouldn’t be such a far-fetched idea either. Both the chairs seem to be built from the same mix of materials – bamboo and a upholestered fabric. Although one looks more relaxing, almost like a beach chair, while the other has been designed to be more upright, and ergonomically correct for our postures.

Daniel even created a camera made of wood! The camera features a retractable lens, surrounded by a wooden body, which in turn is protected by a soft cover. A touch screen at the back helps you operate the camera with ease, along with pill-shaped buttons on each side. The mixture of wood and a touch screen makes it the perfect combination of the old and new! It’s a camera packed with modern functionality but old-school aesthetics.

Another chair render by Daniel, and this one seems perfect to help us maintain the correct posture! We spend most of our day working and often tend to slouch into unhealthy postures. Daniel’s throne-like chair concept not only looks super comfortable but looks like it could eliminate our days of bad and gawky postures!

This wooden tape dispenser is a simple and minimal stationery design crafted from wood. It features a circular base that holds a long pole with two spheres, wherein you can slide in your rolls of tape. The dispenser can accommodate two rolls of tape, which you can easily tug off and use whenever needed!

Daniel also gave our boring old routers a makeover! He gave it a triangular form, amped with LED lights that change colors! In the render, we can see the router emitting a bright red, and a subtler blue color. The concept is a refreshing change from the traditional boxy router designs we have gotten so accustomed to.

I’ve seen plenty of chair designs, but a concept of a tattoo chair? That isn’t something you see every day. Daniel designed the chair as a super comfy lounger with adjustable armrests. The chair reclines as well, allowing the client to sit in a comfortable position, while also enabling the tattoo artist to work on the client’s body with ease. It provides him with the perfect angle to work on his art!