Here’s a multitool spatula for the multipurpose chef

We usually have a tendency to take things for granted, until someone proves us wrong. I guess I’d never look at a spatula and go, maybe this could be better than what it currently is, but somewhere, a designer saw potential in uplifting the spatula to make it much more functional and useful than it currently is. This is the FlipFork Boss, and it’ll blow your current run-of-the-mill spatula right out of the water.

The FlipFork Boss comes with a regular spatula design that also happens to pack a serrated cutting edge (perfect for buns and tenderizing meat), a regular cutting edge for meats, vegetables, and any other stuff that may need slicing, a fork prong to help skewer and flip large pieces of meat over without a fuss, and a bottle opener for when you want to crack open a beer while you’re working the hot and sweaty grill.

The multi-tool spatula boasts of a stainless steel construction, and is securely riveted to an acacia wood handle (in full-tang fashion), known for its anti-bacterial and moisture-resistant properties. Perfect for a lazy BBQ Sunday, or even for professional grilling work, the FlipFork is proof that designs shouldn’t be taken for granted. There’s always a way to make products better than they currently are!

Designer: FlipFork

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