Double your capacity and compress travel items 4x faster!

The Pacum literally saves more space than it occupies. The tiny handheld vacuum allegedly packs more punch than a Dyson, allowing you to seal and store your clothes in air-tight bags, eliminating any pockets of air that may take up space in your suitcase. The Pacum comes with an attachment that lets you vacuum-pack your clothes, storing more inventory in the same space, making packing more efficient and economical. Clothes that are vacuum-packed stay wrinkle-free and fresh for longer too.

The Pacum’s small size gives it the advantage of portability too. Barely the size of a power bank, the Pacum works on a battery and charges via USB Type-C. It can be stashed in any bag, backpack, drawer, or even placed on a desktop, looking unsuspectingly like a power-bank or a Bluetooth speaker. Plug the adapter (or the Padaptor, as they call it), and the Pacum becomes an air-guzzling machine. It compresses bags 25% more than most branded vacuums, and does the job at 4 times the speed. It can be used to pack clothes efficiently for travel, for long-term storage (to prevent them from developing mold, mildew, or moths), and can even be used with food to either preserve them, or to prepare them for processes like sous-vide cooking. The Pacum works in two pump modes. The Eco-mode saves energy, while the Super-mode saves time. Once it’s pulled all the air out, the Pacum stops automatically too, saving energy and also letting you know when you’re done.

While this hand-held device works great at sucking air out, the Pacum can even work as an inflater-pump. A simple switch in air-direction lets you use the Pacum to inflate various things like sporting equipment, inflatable furniture, and even toys. Clearly designed to be more than just a one-hit wonder, the Pacum isn’t just made for efficient clothes packing. It allows you to vacuum pack food, as well as inflate toys, sporting equipment, and even furniture… Plus, with a little bit of practice and a Mayku FormBox, you can use the Pacum as a vacuum-forming machine to make molds and prototypes too!

Designer: Me Wei of Master Space

Click Here To Buy Now: $44 $80 (46% off). Hurry, less than 24 hours left and only 29/1250 left!

Get the most powerful, multi-functional, handheld vacuum in the world. Double your capacity and compress travel items 4x faster! Pacum ends the struggle with space in your travel luggage.

Pacum is the most powerful, multi-functional, handheld vacuum and air pumping device in the world.

For its size, it packs a mighty punch with capabilities of compressing items 25% more than the leading Dyson, and 4x faster than any device in its class. Pacum will compress a vac bag full of clothes in just over a minute!


About half the size of an iPhone X, you can bring Pacum ANYWHERE, in ANYTHING, making it your new essential travel tool.



The most versatile multi-functional device on the market, the Pacum can not take the air out, but it can PUMP AIR IN! Pacum can blow up inflatables.


Pacum comes with branded vacuum bags and accessories, but you will also be equipped with the “Padaptor”, making any existing vacuum bags you own compatible with Pacum!


Vacuum pack household things.



Use Pacum with other brand vacuum bags.


Pacum Features.


Pacum is available in three colors: white, red and black.

Click Here To Buy Now: $44 $80 (46% off). Hurry, less than 24 hours left and only 29/1250 left!