A baby thermometer with fun sounds for those high-temperature days!

As a mother of two children in their twenties, I know how harrowing unwell kids can be! Even at this age they kick-up so much fuss, so imagine what toddlers can do. The worst is taking temperature, especially if you need to monitor it every few hours. Although ear thermometers are a boon in comparison to the mercury ones, keeping kids still during the intrusion, can be tricky. To overcome this challenge, what the Ear Fun thermometer does is that it integrates funny sounds and jungle noises into the device.

It’s like telling the kids that if they put their ear to the device, they can hear some cool sounds. Thus piquing their interest and making them a willing party to thermometer readings. On the tech-side, this IoT device stores the last 10 readings and can be linked to your smartphone. You can record as many sounds you’d like and enthrall the kids! Ergonomic design and intuitive interface are just the cherry icing!

Designers: Eunseo Kwak & Teasoo Moon