A Thought-Provoking Dongle!

At first sight, this quirky trio may just look like a playful desk accessory, however, both its functional purpose and metaphorical inspiration have been concealed behind the literal façade. Like with a cabin on a snowy mountain-pass, where mountaineers gather, stay for a while and then leave, files and photos are also momentarily held within a USB and SD card hub… temporarily holding digital memories.

This metaphor has been encapsulated within the minimal, stylistic form of a traditional cabin; an SD card slot is present within the roof of the device, whilst a USB makes up the vibrantly colored chimney! Completing the trio of products is the External HDD that sits below the cabin; this has been designed to mimic a snowy, mountainous landscape where a cabin may be found!

Designer: Homm Studio

The full version of products is composed with External HDD which located in bottom, cabin USB hub and chimney USB memory stick.