Nebulite collection is the perfect party and festival gear!

We have seen several illuminating bags in our times, but nothing as dramatic as the NEBULITE Collection of drawstring bag, jacket and fanny pack. Apart from the usual fancy of wearing an illuminated accessory on you, whilst navigating a party, the smart features of the NEBULITE series, make them a compelling buy. The problem that designer Veit Nachtmann is trying to solve is heavy and expensive illuminated bags that are currently available in the market. His research and solution has given birth to a set of illuminated bags and jacket that are lightweight, hip and won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

From a stealthy black to full-on rainbow spectrum, the NEBULITE bags come with a built-in SMART controller that functions via Bluetooth and comes integrated with a motion sensor, audio detector and an 85 dB loud alarm. Constructed using fiber optics, that are directly woven with synthetic fibers, the optic fibers illuminate evenly and through the length of their strand. Six ultra-bright LEDs add more illumination to the bags. The only thing you need to be careful of is breaking the fibers by bending them too much. A standard USB power bank help power the bags, so go ahead and party hard!

While you listen to music, your NEBULITE bag automatically detects the beat and begins to flash lights accordingly, the integrated accelerometer adjusts the animations according to your moves. The fancy lights help you get spotted in any crowded dark room, however they also backup as a safety feature for bike riders. The bags have internal illumination so that you don’t have to rummage hard to find your keys. What I like about the bag is that anti-theft feature that sounds off an alarm on your phone and through the bag, when someone tries to snitch it. Features like long-range communication, machine-wash and app-controls, make this a prized possession.

Designer: Veit Nachtmann

Click Here To Buy Now: $66.

The world’s first smart fanny pack and drawstring backpack.

Never again will you lose your friends at huge festivals.

From a stealthy black to full-on rainbow. Only you control the spectrum of your style. Smooth, low lighting or bouncing with a beat detection? The choice is yours. With the built-in SMART controller they boast an insane range of features — all provided by the integrated motion sensor, audio detector, 85 dB loud alarm, and at its heart: the Bluetooth 5.0 capable processor.

Bicycle Safety: Automatic brake light, remote controlled turn indicator.

What is Fibre Optic Fabric?

The NEBULITE Collection comes to life with ultra-thin optical fibers, directly woven with synthetic fibers. The fibers are processed in a way that allows light to escape evenly along the entire length of the strands. Six ultra-bright LEDs then flood the fabric with glorious light that puts the galaxy to shame.

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