A Scooter for us Big-Kids!


It’s likely that you will associate the word ‘scooter’ with your childhood, where hours were spent gliding around on the two-wheeled contraptions. But, why should kids have all the fun? Qui is a redesigned electric scooter that has been designed with the desire to alter how the scooter’ feels in the public mind’.

At first glance you will see how this is far from the simple scooter that you may have grown up with; Qui carriers a sleek yet muscular design that is packed full of intuitive design features. Perhaps most unique is the special fork design that adds an element of visual intrigue due to the surreal, floating visual that it creates.

There is no forgetting that this is propelled by an electric motor. Visual hints in the form of bright blue flashes of light constantly remind you of the powertrain, which is controlled by the series of buttons that are mounted on the handlebars.

Designer: Rice Mak



“The special design of the front fork makes the whole scooter neat and more refreshing, but it does not affect the steering function at all,” Mak told YD.