A Different Method of Listening to Music


Music is a powerful medium, it harnesses the power to alter our emotion, and thus have an impact on our lives. The Sound Project, by Pascal Grangier, offers a new way of interacting with music using color tones.

Colour and emotion are directly linked to one another, from subtle, pastel blues which are associated with calmness and a state of relaxation, through to vibrant reds which symbolize excitement and energy. Protruding out of the top of the speaker is a polycarbonate layer, where the mood and information is elegantly displayed.

The music is controlled via a separate device that resides on the top of the module; by physically moving the device, the music levels alter. This method of interaction not only adds a level of uniqueness, but also immerses the user into the music, allowing for a more complete listening experience.

Designer: Pascal Grangier