A Space-Friendly Solution to Poor Quality Air!


During the winter months in China, the quality of the air can diminish as the haze simultaneously worsens, and with this brings the need for Fresh Air Ventilation systems or Air Purifiers. However, these can often take up noticeable, and often valuable space within the room, and this problem continues when it comes to storing the device. But this certainly isn’t the case with Plant.

Plant is what happens when two products, a Fresh Air Ventilation System and Electric Curtain System, collide… and the resulting product is brilliant! In addition to the space-saving form, its function and user experience has also been greatly considered; both the primary filter and Carbon Filter, which introduce fresh air into the room, are concealed behind a magnetic lid, making the replacement process quick and simple! Control of the device is achieved through an intuitive smart app, which not only allows for adjustments to be made remotely, but also displays live data regarding the air quality.

Designer: Colt Chow