A perfect pod for your 2-wheeled hot rod

BikeBox24’s pod for two-wheelers seems like the most perfect solution for private as well as public use. Garages almost always cater to cars, with that small sliver of space beside the car being reserved for the motorbike, quite like an afterthought. Or even in public, where bikes are left vulnerable to vandals, thieves, and the weather.

Made from galvanized steel and weather-proof plastic, the BikeBox24 is a secure storage pod for your two-wheeler, with enough space to even fit a quad bike. Its unique, chiseled design doesn’t just give it an aggressive appeal to complement your ride, but also gives the plastic construction strength, preventing it from bending or flexing and damaging the bike inside. The pod comes with a hydraulic system that makes opening and closing it easy, as a hinge on the top allows the pod door to open vertically, giving the owner enough space to walk in and out. The pod even comes built with a tough multiplex metal floor, encasing your motorbike from all sides in a secure cover, and a mount to secure your motorbike in place to prevent it from collapsing within the pod. With a secure lock to protect your bike from miscreants, and a ventilation system built to divert and drain any water, the BikeBox24 gives you security as well as weatherproofing, all in a small, conveniently designed, compact pod that can be used both indoors or outdoors!

Designer: BikeBox24