The Geo Thermo flask is a pot worth watching!


They say a watched kettle or pot never boils, but what’s one to do when the pot is so beautiful that it’s difficult to tear your eyes away? The Geo Thermo insulating thermos by Normann comes with a geometric design and a splash of colors, making it pop out against the backdrop that is the rest of your kitchen.

Designed to look like a neat, minimalist kettle, the Geo Thermo insulating thermos comes made with a plastic exterior (it’s not meant to be used over the stove), allowing it to have such a vividly beautiful color scheme. Made to keep hot things hot and cold things cold, the thermos comes with an insulated interior, ideal for coffee, hot chocolate, or any steaming beverage you may have prepared, now that winter is here. Its highlight, however, remains its design. With a chiseled, dominating look, the Geo Thermo breaks conventions of what kettles and thermoses look like, opting for a design that’s more visually grabbing, especially with its fashion inspired color palette that makes it attention seeking… and in certain kitchens, it might just be the right thing!

Designer: Nicholai Wiig Hansen for Normann

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