Let There be Portable Light & Charging

I love it when gadgets disguise themselves as decor. If you look at any of Google’s home products, they make use of domestic-friendly colors, soft forms, and even fabric clads. The design team feels that a device (electronic or not) that sits in your home should blend into its homely atmosphere, not look like something from Blade Runner. Edgy, futuristic products don’t sit well in cozy homes. The Lucis 3.0 follows that thumb rule by making tech more domestic and versatile at the same time. The result is a product that doesn’t just look beautiful in an apartment, it serves its multiple purposes wonderfully too, making it a great product in both departments.

The Lucis 3.0 is essentially a battery with multiple components attached to it, most perceivably, a lamp. However, the Lucis 3.0’s battery also serves as a power bank, and comes with a wireless charging surface too, so the Lucis 3.0 can not only illuminate rooms, it can juice your phone too.

Styled to look primarily like a lighting device, the Lucis 3.0 comes with a capsule shape that either sits independently or on a quaint three-legged wooden stand. Designed with contemporary styling, the device fits well in most modern homes, serving as a neat table lamp that can be carried around with you and placed anywhere in the house. With a dimmable LED on the inside, the Lucis 3.0 can set the mood while also allowing you to choose between 16 million colors. The 8000mAH battery on the inside gives the LED 88 hours of power, or can even fully charge your phone twice.

With a light at one end, the other end of the Lucis serves as a wireless power bank. Invert the Lucis and place your phone on top of the flat surface and it instantly begins charging. The bank comes with a built-in outlet too, allowing you to use a cable to charge your phone. Its robust casing is made to be splash proof, so you can use the Lucis at the poolside, the dining table, or even in the bathtub. Choose between a Simple dual-color lamp variant, or the Twist Color with a dimmer dial and a 16 million color LED bulb to light up your life and power your phone. You’ve even got a wide choice of stands and accessories that allow the Lucis to blend into your decor as well as stand out as a well-designed, home-friendly piece of tech!

Designers: Simon Koop & Bob van Houten

Click here to Buy Now: $79 $135 (41% off).


Lucis™ introduces 4 brand new wireless, touch-activated mood light with built-in power bank and wireless charging functions.



Lucis 3.0 Simple Models


Lucis 3.0 Twist Models


The all-new Lucis 3.0 is equipped with strong RBG full-Color LEDS that have a maximum output of 180 up to 250 Lumen (30watt).


Packed with an enormous battery capacity Lucis™ 3.0 will give you up to 88 Hours of continuous lighting!


Lucis is equipped with special touch sensors that control the brightness and dimming. Touch the sensors and play with light. All Lucis lamps are made from high quality matt plexiglass upper housing and solid aluminum ring. Lucis is the ideal splash proof portable lamp.


Indoor or outdoor; you determine the atmosphere. This Dutch-design LED lamp produces over 16 million colors that can be enjoyed in any setting.



Click here to Buy Now: $79 $135 (41% off). Hurry, this is exclusive for YD readers!