A Convenient Energy Boost!


Consuming water whilst partaking in physical activity is possible thanks to the relativity recent introduction of water bladders within backpacks… however, their use is still limited; the bladders themselves are difficult to thoroughly clean out, meaning that using them to hold anything other than water causes bacterial issues down the line! That’s where Fiha comes in!

Fiha is a compact system that introduces energy/electrolytes into the water as it passes through it. Positioned after the silicone storage bladder, the electrolytes are isolated from the stored water. Textured touchpoints are positioned on the sides of the device, these easy-to-identify buttons adjust the flow of the gel, giving the individual full control of their intake.

Fiha­ has been designed to work with existing water bladders with very little modification necessary, making it intuitive to get up and running! With an aesthetic that compliments the intense workouts, it’s got adventure written all over it!

Designer: Henry Prout


The Challenge

Cyclists frequently want to add sugars and hydration products to the water in their drink packs to enhance performance. However this creates a serious maintenance issue since the bladders are difficult/time consuming to clean thoroughly and leftover sugars promote the rapid growth of bacteria and mold.


The Solution

This project looked to develop a system which enabled the user to introduce energy/electrolyte additives in the fluids they carry and isolate it from the silicone storage bladders.




Threaded adapter allowing for custom gel pack packaging to be connected.


Textured touch points for adjusting gel flow.


Exploded view with proposed colorways.