The World’s Easiest and Most Consumer-friendly Braille Printing Kit

Design, as an industry, is slowly taking accessibility more seriously. Whether it’s Microsoft releasing a redesigned XBox controller for the differently abled, or whether it’s Apple putting an ECG on their watches to allow it to be a wearable everyone can use no matter the age or walk-of-life, inclusivity, or design-for-all is something that’s really worth pursuing and appreciating.

However, complete inclusivity has always been difficult to achieve for the visually disabled. Given that eyes are the most dominant sense of all, its absence can often inhibit the way we consume information, data, and content, and designing for visual disability can oftentimes be a big challenge, and Braille still isn’t completely available everywhere. That’s notably because Braille printers are very specialized machines, and cost an absolute fortune.

The Vrailler makes a point that braille printers don’t need to be specialized, hard-to-use, inaccessible, and expensive. Vrailler’s braille printer is easy-to-use, small (it can fit into your pocket), and more importantly, affordable (imagine a personal braille printer, but $1200 cheaper). It uses two perforated slates, a third upper slate, and a set of pins that you drop into the base-slate to create indentations. When you press the upper slate and middle slate onto the base slate (with your medium sandwiched in between the bottom two slates), the indentations translate onto the paper/film, giving you printed braille. These can be used to create name-tags, labels, or even accessible business cards. You can make multiple prints on the Vrailler once you set the formation of pins in, and the Vrailler prints braille out for you without using any electricity or battery power.

The Vrailler can be used to print multiple languages in Braille, giving it accessibility on a much larger scale, and can be easily carried around and operated by pretty much anyone (it comes with a Braille Guide too) allowing you to quickly and effectively print out pieces of text in Braille, making information of any sort readable to all, whether it’s on medicine labels, or business cards, menu cards, or even in books. In its effort to make braille more accessible, the Vrailler is perfect for schools, allowing visually disabled children to have access to information, as well as in offices, to make them much more inclusive to all (just how ramps make mobility easier). Its small size means it can be carried around anywhere, allowing you to make small changes as you go, and make the world a much better place for people who need it!

Designer: Vrailler

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Vrailler provides portable, affordable and effortless Braille printing for everyone.







Key features.

Easy to learn.




Affordable price.


Extremely portable.


Multiple printing. Once the pins are set, you can print multiple copies.


With just 6 Braille Points you can write and print any language in Braille form which makes it easy to use for just about anyone.


Above: In French.

Brailler education through Vrailler.


Vrailler is more cost-effective for braille education in school.

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Click here to Buy Now: $35 $50 (30% off).