This is Projector Perfection


A walk down the projector isle at your local electronics store is like going back in time! The majority of these big, bulky devices haven’t caught up with the rest of today’s compact tech, leaving many users to opt for a traditional TV set. Designed with this in mind, the Projector Q aims to provide a slim solution that’s not only smaller but more versatile.

The latest advances in beam projection are packed into a streamlined cylinder. About the size of today’s standalone Bluetooth speakers, the unit is both portable and capable of being turned sideways or upright. Simply place it in the direction you want to project using the convenient stand, and stream your show or movie on the ceiling or wall, no screen required.

Designer: Hyeong Seop Lee




“Front-firing woofer is attached to the main body and doesn’t require an additional speaker, and the down-firing woofer attached on the bottom gives liveliness to the sound,” Lee explained.