Twist, Brew, Swirl & Enjoy!

With the variety of soft drinks available on the market today, tea manufacturers are faced with the challenge of making tea just as appealing and fashionable as fruit beverages and coffee. Here comes Tetley Twist to the rescue. It is a premium, interactive refreshment sealed in a glass bottle which brews fresh cold tea when the consumer is ready. It removes the stigma associated with other instant iced teas. And since it takes a few moments for the tea concentrate to infuse the spring water, the product also reinforces the tea ritual important for many hot tea drinkers as well.

How it works?

1. Drink sold with tea concentrate stored in cap reservoir and 300 ml of spring water in glass bottle.
2. Cap twists counterclockwise to release 1/2 tsp of tea concentrate from interior reservoir.
3. Tea infuses into water and color changes. Drink can then be swirled in bottle and consumed.

Designer: Kimberly Hu

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  • Thomas says:

    Fun concept but,

    I don’t see the benefit of mixing in powdered tea flavor to make iced tea.
    If you’re going to ship water all over the place you might as well sell tasty brewed (an actual steeping process) tea — rather than end up with a product which is made from tea powder.

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