Leica Just Got Better Without Changing a Thing


Designed with clever assists from London-based design firm Little Voice, the Leica FOTOS app elevates the brand’s lux digital camera lineup to a whole ‘nother level.

The all-new companion application gives Leica users the ability to transition seamlessly between and mobile device. The digital design of the app takes a no-frills, intentional approach to integration with any of the brand’s 9 camera systems and uses a straightforward, intuitive UI with a few familiar design elements from Leica’s signature look.

Usable with iOS and Android, it makes it easy to transfer JPG and DNG files from camera to smartphone. Additionally, users can gain full access to a myriad of the camera’s features, including those for remote shooting. Better yet, it simplifies the potentially confusing storage of files with an easy-to-use file management that makes it possible to work faster and more efficiently.

Designers: Vlad Khokhlov & Dmytro Izotov of Little Voice


“The design of the app celebrates Leica’s iconic, pure design styling and attention to detail. On opening the app, users are invited to select their Leica camera model from a visual menu — each of the brands digital camera systems rendered in all their glory. From there, the app goes on to subtly reference the design features of the brand’s cameras throughout — from sparing additions of the distinctive red accents, to the occasional cameos of the font seen on the brand’s lens dials. With a restraint reminiscent of Leica’s industrial design commitment to ‘Das Wesentliche‘ (The Essentials), the design of the app focusses on clarity and usability,” Leica explained.


Connecting: All 9 Leica Camera system are able to use a single app, and easily connect.


Leica’s iconic red dot is a sparingly used design element in the minimalist app design.


The distinctive font from Leica’s camera bodies and lenses makes the occasional cameo in the new app.


To avoid confusion the black background represents the camera (and the photos stored on it) whilst the white cards represent the phone (and
the pictures downloaded on to it).


The new Leica FOTOS app makes your phone a key companion to your Leica camera.


Review photos with exposure (EXIF) data.


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