This USB-C Projector pairs perfectly with the new iPad Pro

We’ve been nothing if not vocal about how powerful the new iPad Pro is. One of its absolute hallmark power-features is the presence of the USB-C port that turns the iPad from a tablet to a device that can connect to a host of other gadgets, from MIDI controllers, to DSLRs, to even external displays and projectors. A good external projector with the iPad Pro doesn’t just give the iPad Pro an edge in presentations and boardrooms, it also lets the tablet, a device you’re most likely to use for multimedia purposes, work as a miniature theater of sorts!

Viewsonic’s M1 somehow makes the perfect companion to the new iPad Pro. With a compact, award-winning design that allows it to be carried virtually everywhere, to its USB-C compatibility, to its ability to project a display as wide as 100 inches, the M1 transforms the iPad Pro from a powerful professional/personal tablet to a screen that can be shared with a group of people, be it to display a presentation, showcase a design, or watch a movie. Throw in an in-built dual speaker system by Harman Kardon and you’ve got the perfect tool to turn your iPad into a home-theater!

The M1 comes with a compact design that slips into any backpack, along with an arm that works as a lens-cover as well as an angle-adjustable stand, and a battery that’s capable of delivering 6 hours of usage on a full charge! And at practically a third of the cost of the new iPad Pro, it doesn’t even break the bank!

The Viewsonic M1 is a winner of the iF Design Award for the year 2018.

Designer: Viewsonic

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