The power of a samurai sword in your pocket!


We’ve been pretty interested in this phenomenon called Damascus Steel (you can read our editorial on the beautiful, marbled metal here) over the past few months. Imagine having the properties of multiple steel alloys in one single sheet of steel, and along with that, you get an absolutely hypnotic marble-effect on the surface of a metal. That’s Damascus Steel. The steel is a specially formulated sheet that incorporates different alloys with different iron and carbon ratios into one single sheet, allowing it to be stainless and much stronger than conventional knife steels.

The steel, in its most original form, dates back to as early as 400 A.D., with its application primarily used in weaponry and warfare. Now a metal that’s found its permanent home in quality EDC, Damascus Steel can quite literally put the power of a samurai’s sword in your pocket with the ultra-small, ultra-powerful Omni by Hribarcain. A small, sophisticated, and superior piece of EDC, the Omni is a mini pocket-knife with a hubless hinge that opens the blade by pressing down on the ring. The Omni comes with an aluminum body and an absolutely gorgeous patternweld steel that’s as strong and sharp as it is beautiful. The combination of multiple alloys not only give the blade a bespoke pattern (that’s unique to each knife), but also impart toughness that lets you use the blade any which way without fear of it bending or losing its sharpness. In fact, Damascus Steel stays sharp for five times longer than a regular steel edge, giving you a blade that should comfortably slice through anything, and last practically a lifetime without needing any maintenance whatsoever… making it quite literally a samurai sword in your pocket!

Designer: Hribarcain

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