The Last Mile Commute Just Got Easier


Designed to accommodate last-miles commutes, the Flow bike is aptly named for the easy and intuitive way the user is able to flow through the folding process. Just swipe the seat forward in one simple gesture to make the bike fold and unfold. Users will enjoy the feel of a robust, grooved frame and overall lightness that makes it comfortable to carry between public transportation alternatives like buses and trains. Other useful features include integrated headlights, taillights, and comfortable 20-inch wheels.

Designers: Andy Cheng & Elvis Hsu


“Flow allows riders to flow through the transfer. An up-right folding position produces a fluent folding process. When folded, Flow also allows riders to push the bike easily,” Cheng and Hsu told YD.


“A fixie may be stylish and easy-maintenance but hellish when it comes to transferring. While a small wheel folding bike is just uncomfortable to ride. Flow is the perfect combo, with a 20-inch wheel Flow is a great ride, while the folded size is still compact enough for an agile maneuver,” designers continued.




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