Smart Lights for a Smart Home


With smart-home accessories gradually crossing over the threshold in our homes, we have seen an influx of smart devices that have been designed to complement the existing furnishings within our houses, while simultaneously bringing them into the 21st Century! Disk is no exception. Composing of three lights, this family of products is ready to bring light into our homes in a very smart manner!

Featuring a detachable base, the user has the option of where they would like the lights to be positioned; this could be on the wall, ceiling or on the table… the potential is plentiful. As you may have noticed, buttons are absent from these products; the lights are controlled by simply touching centre of each disk. This adds to the fuss-free design.

It’s also important to mention the added functionality of one of the three lights; positioned on its top is a shallow dish, this makes for a convenient place for keys and loose change to be held, while the area around it is gently illuminated.

Designer: Louis Berger