The ‘MEET’ is a self-driving virtual conference room from the year 2030


Designed for Spanish automotive manufacturer Seat, Miguel Mojica’s automotive concept named MEET is a compact, aerodynamic, slick car for 2030. Its purpose (aside from transportation, of course)? Being a space for meetings of both formal and informal natures. As cars move towards an autonomous future, the car interiors change too, adapting to a situation sans a driver, or passengers facing the road. The interiors become more independent, and start becoming the focus of the car’s design. It’s perhaps for this reason that the MEET has a relatively plain outer aesthetic with little to no design embellishments, while the interiors tell a completely different story.

The outer aesthetic comes with a streamlined design that’s mainly metallic gray paint and glass, along with blue light-based detailing (there’s even a greeting light on the front), while the interiors come with magnetic levitation seats that can independently turn (I imagine they provide incredible shock-absorption too). Designed keeping in mind that 5G and AR/VR will absolutely uplift the smartcar experience, the MEET goes all out with a central gadget that’s adaptable to all ecosystems, which will supposedly serve as a support table, a computer, and even a hologram projector tailored to provide virtual reality experiences. I’d like a generous slice of that future!

Designer: Miguel Mojica












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