The OPPY is an Ultra Hi-Def Action Cam from a Parallel Universe

In a universe or a dimension where the GoPro didn’t exist, I believe the Oppy would be the camera that’s ubiquitous with recording events, stunts, and life. The camera comes looking quite unlike most action cams, sporting a design where the lens and battery are different units, connected by a flexible gooseneck. The gooseneck acts as a strap, mount, support, and even a selfie stick, and with the way the lens looks, it imparts a rather fun, ET-ish personality to the camera as a whole.

The Oppy comes built with a 13 megapixel Sony Exmor RS camera module. The camera, in fact, sits in the left eye of Oppy’s ‘face’ while the right eye serves as an LED indicator. Built with the ability to capture images and videos in 4K, the Oppy matches up to your go-to action cam… however, with the gooseneck detail, the Oppy adds an element of playfulness and versatility to the mix. The gooseneck allows the Oppy to be wrapped around objects, or used to avoid obstacles. The flexible neck makes mounting the Oppy on any object much easier, allowing you to wrap it around your hand, or the handlebar of your bike, or even around a drone, eliminating the need to own a separate mounting mechanism, and also opening up a world of possibilities. The camera comes with the ability to shoot 4K at 24fps, or even go as high as 120fps at 720p, for some remarkable slow-motion shots. Conversely, the camera even boasts of a time-lapse mode that lets you shoot stop-motion footage.

Living up to its reputation of being an action cam that’s capable of wiggling its way into any scenario, the Oppy even comes with a splash-guard that sits around the camera lens like a scuba diver’s helmet. With an IPx6 rating, the splashproof case enables the Oppy to be used in the pool, while surfing, and even in the rain.

With a 950mAh battery, the Oppy can record video for a good 90 minutes, storing everything on a MicroSD card that fits in the back of the camera module. Built with a single-button function that lets you toggle between photography, video-recording, time-lapse, and slow-mo modes, the Oppy comes with a small learning curve, but makes up for it with its unique and supremely versatile design. And oh, there’s an app for it too!

Designer: BOUD

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OPPY is the world’s first Ultra High Definition flexible camera.


Find the perfect frame for your shot with OPPY’s one-of-a-kind bend and pose design. Twist to fix OPPY in place, help OPPY stand with no tripod necessary or stretch OPPY straight to mimic a selfie-stick.

Never miss a happy moment with OPPY.


Let OPPY be your Travel Buddy

Never missing a trip, OPPY helps to experience and explore the wondrous world around you.


Let OPPY be your Family Companion

Best friend to your child, capture imagination and daily life’s special moments.

Let OPPY be your Creative Muse!

Never let a creative moment be forgotten. For those who create, OPPY can commemorate every stroke of genius, every brush stroke, every light-bulb moment of innovation!


Watch time pass you by…

Slow Motion

Enjoy & record every passing moment!

OPPY is no Landlubber!

Equipped with a splash proof helmet, OPPY is splash proof.


Record your life Anytime, Anywhere with your OPPY.


All the Specs you Want, All the Specs you Need!

Excellent image + video quality, Digital Image Stabilization, Long-lasting battery life, Ample memory capacity…


Inserting SD Card.


Connecting Charging Cable.



Click here to Buy Now: $89.00 $129.00 (31% off). Hurry, for only 48 hours!