The LEX Gives You an Instant Chair, Anywhere!

If you’ve ever stepped onto the subway with a heavy backpack, only to find that it’s too crowded and you’re probably going to spend your half-an-hour commute standing, you can relate to the fatigue it results in at the end of your ride. Long commutes, active workplaces, and the need to carry roughly 10-15 pounds on your back throughout most of the day can result in a good amount of exhaustion. Exhaustion that can easily be relieved if you had a place to sit down for a bit on your journey to or from work. Designed to instantly give you a place to sit anywhere, the Lex is a wearable device that gives you instant respite anywhere. The device straps to your waist, and with two aerospace-grade aluminum legs at the back, turns into a seating device as soon as you lean back. Also using your own legs as supports, you’re armed with a very stable seating arrangement with four points of contact, which even goes on to correcting your posture while relieving the fatigue of standing everyday.

The Lex sits on your person (strapped around your waist and thighs), weighing just over a kilogram thanks to its aluminum construction. However, designed to bear extreme loads of weight, the Lex can take over 120 kilograms of weight without breaking a sweat. The aluminum legs can be deployed using a simple push, and then just lean back while the Lex falls into position, giving you instant seating anywhere you go. When not in use, the legs slide up into their designated zones, allowing for full freedom of movement while even letting you carry a backpack.

The legs of the Lex rest right underneath one’s thighs, providing ample support while propping your thighs up at a 120° angle to your spine, promoting good posture and a natural spinal arrangement (some people prefer to use it at the workplace too, over the overtly comfortable office chairs). I imagine the Lex could be extremely useful at active workplaces like in warehouses or logistics, where the Lex could provide instant seating in a high-fatigue work environment, although the bigger market is easily in the workplace, where the Lex could provide a healthier alternative to sitting in a comfortable chair, and a more relaxed (yet equally healthy) alternative to a standing desk… and let’s not forget giving its wearer an instant seat on a crowded bus or the subway!

Designer: Astride Bionix

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The LEX is a bionic wearable that enhances posture, comfort, and life. It is designed to let you relax anywhere with a perfect sitting posture and protect your shoulders while on the move by making the backpack feels almost weightless.

The LEX weighs a little more than 1 kilogram so it can be worn comfortably at all times. In just a few steps, the LEX turns into an ergonomic chair built to withstand up to 120 kilograms (264 lbs) of weight.


The LEX can be used every day in all types of scenarios as it constantly enhances your posture and comfort in a way no other wearable can.







Simplicity is the essence of their design philosophy. They want the LEX to be easy to put-on, wear and take off for a wide range of sex and age. It must be easy to put on as another piece of clothing.

To wear the LEX, just 3 straps are needed to fits the LEX with your body just like a belt or backpack. When in folding mode, the LEX can barely be seen from the side.

To deploy the LEX in sitting position is beyond simple, their patent-pending Swiftsit technology is designed to let you sit down with a natural, perfect sitting from a folding position in 5 seconds.


The LEX always correct and improve your posture whether sitting, standing and on the move.

The grooves and channel cut into the aircraft grade aluminum frame helps reduce weight to a bare minimum but is meticulously calculated to maintain strength and integrity enough to withstand daily use.


Non-allergic materials are carefully selected then manually grafted onto the frame. The thinnest and most comfortable memory foam were sourced and integrated into the seat to make sure every posture perfect moment is a comfortable one.

Click here to Buy Now: $247 $289 (15% off). Hurry, less than 24 hours left!