The Vettis faucet transforms concrete into a premium material


Concrete’s got more of a rustic, DIY reputation than that of a luxury material. You’d normally associate luxury with chrome, rose-gold, or other premium materials and finishes, but faucet and sanitaryware company Brizo is changing that. Take for instance its Vettis single-hand faucet. Fabricated in brass and plated with polished chrome, the original Vettis is an absolute stunner, with a solid looking, robust cuboidal form factor. Take that premium form and alter the material to concrete and you’ve got something that’s equally beautiful, but much more avant-garde.

Crafted by sculptor Christopher Shannon (following the original design by TJ Eads), the Vettis Concrete Edition is a truly remarkable looking faucet and it definitely makes a strong case for concrete as a premium material (backed by a premium looking form language, no doubt). Each nozzle is hand-poured in Shannon’s studio and is cured for 30 days. Tinted with pure charcoal, every spigot has its own unique texture and color resulting in pieces that are bespoke, hand-crafted works of art that promise to provide a unique touch to your bathroom (quite literally!), while providing Brizo’s signature water-flow quality! If the Vettis Concrete excites you, make sure you get your hands on one soon. The concrete variant is limited to just 500 pieces! (Click on any of the images to know more)

Designers: TJ Eads & Brizo.