Buttoned-down Audio


On initial glance you would be forgiven in mistaking these for a regular pair of headphones, due to their conventional form and recognizable features. However, upon further observation, the intuitive and unique features will slowly begin to reveal themselves!

One of the devices most intuitive features centers around the control knobs that can be found on opposing sides of the device. Both their operation and the surface detailing used is reminiscent of the rotary knobs that can be found on both high-end audio equipment and retro machines, making an appropriate connection to its ancestors that came before.

Each of the acoustic chambers not only provides the user with an audio experience that’s free from the disturbance of surrounding noise, but they also introduce an element of high-end ‘feel’ to the product; each is made from a solid piece of aluminum that has been machined with great precision on a CNC machine.

Designer: Fang-Chun Tsai