Designed by ex-aeronautical engineers, Mackenzie is no ordinary briefcase!

Inspired by aeronautical design, Charles Simon’s ‘Mackenzie’ briefcase has been crafted by hand, utilizing some of the world’s finest and most premium materials. Charles G Tremblay and Simon Maltais, ex-aeronautical engineers and the masterminds behind Charles Simon, created this wooden piece making sure to take the utmost care. The design excludes simplicity, with its straight lines taking us to the no-nonsense form factor that a briefcase exemplifies, removing all the unnecessary modern-day additions and mesmerizing us with its truly minimal structure.

To ensure a compact, lightweight and durable body, its structure has been created from carbon fiber and aluminum. The anodized aluminum forms the handle, whereas the carbon fiber makes up the rectangular shell. On the outside, Mackenzie has been adorned with Canadian cherrywood and high-quality leather. The Cherrywood, which might I add truly soothes the eyes is made from rescued timber, from logs that were submerged in Canada’s waterways over a hundred years ago. The leather meanwhile has been sourced from Carriat, a renowned French family-owned tannery that has been providing premium quality leather to brands such as Dior and Hermes for the past 92 years. The interiors of the briefcase have been lined with soft suede-like fabric linings from Alcantara. It has also been equipped with a combination lock, securing your precious belonging.

Available in a variety of colors, though my favorite has to be the beautiful blue which reminds me of ocean waves crashing on the shore on a bright summer day, Mackenzie is ‘made to order’ and what makes the entire experience even more special, is the fact the briefcase will be inscribed with a unique serial number and the owner’s name! I must admit Mackenzie is no ordinary briefcase. Handcrafted with attention to detail, with customization and personalization as the finishing touches, I expect to find it dangling from the fingertips of each every design connoisseur hurrying on their way to work!

Designers: Charles G Tremblay & Simon Maltais of Charles Simon

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No two pieces are ever alike. They craft and customize each element in collaboration with its intended owner.

They dress each one in only the finest French young bull leather, sourced from a luxury tannery house founded in 1927 and chosen for its supple but resistant texture.

Each piece is meticulously assembled from over 100 components in over 100 individual steps by their highly trained technicians in their Montreal workshop.

Each panel of wood is layered with a single coat of protective oil every day for twelve days to enhance its distinctive beauty and imbue it with a soft, delicate sheen.