Colombia Invented a New, Better Way to Make Coffee

There’s a high likelihood that the coffee you drink comes from Colombia. Famous for producing some of the finest coffee beans for centuries, Colombia and Colombians know their coffee too well, so when they invent a new way of brewing it, it’s definitely worth noticing. Meet Eduardo Umaña, the man who built the FrankOne, the first and only machine to use Vacuum Extraction Technology to brew coffee. The result of this brewing method? Coffee that’s deliciously rich, and significantly sweeter than coffees created using other traditional brewing methods. In fact, the FrankOne boasts of being able to create coffee that measures up to the “Gold Cup Standard” in just 30 seconds. Aside from hot coffee that has almost no bitterness, FrankOne also claims the record for fastest machine able to make Cold Brew at just 4 minutes brewing time, rather than the typical 8-12 hours.

Developed as an improvement to the reverse french press technique, the FrankOne alters and improves it, and comes with a vacuum that automates the process, allowing you to literally have brewed coffee at the press of a button. The brew is said to be richer in its flavor profile and sweeter too, thanks to the lack of crema, or the slight white foam you usually find on the top of your brews. The FrankOne isolates the crema by extracting the brew from its base, leaving the bitter crema behind along with your coffee-grounds, and gives you a coffee that’s pristine-looking, with a rich gold tint and a taste that matches standards set by the Specialty Coffee Association of America.

The FrankOne’s design is pretty simple. A small attachment that sits above a borosilicate cup, the FrankOne literally has a one-step function. Just empty your coffee grounds into it and drizzle with water, before putting the cap on and shutting the brewing chamber. Designer Eduardo Umaña says that the brew just needs to rest for as little as 30 seconds to reach perfection, after which all you need to do is press the button on top and the vacuum inside the FrankOne decants the rich, golden coffee directly into the borosilicate mug, stopping the crema from passing through.

The Vacuum Extraction Technology has its own share of benefits. Aside from filtering out the crema, it also automates the entire extracting process at the single push of a button. The ability to make Cold Brew in just 4 minutes is equally, if not more so, notable. Besides, with its incredibly small form-factor, you can literally carry it around and brew a cup of intense coffee anywhere… and given that the FrankOne comes approved by Colombians, your coffee should taste absolutely divine!

Designer: Eduardo Umaña

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FrankOne is the first one-touch coffee and cold brew maker.



Exceptional Cold Brew

Good cold brewed coffee can take up to 12 hours to make. With FrankOne it is possible to prepare exceptional cold brewed coffee in as little as 4 minutes. Their Vacuum Extraction Technology™ accelerates the process by forcing cold water through finely ground coffee.

How Does it Work?

FrankOne’s patented Vacuum Extraction Technology™ uses negative pressure to force water through a bed of ground coffee, extracting more of the flavors that coffee has to offer, while reducing bitterness. Their patented method generates pressure that is strong enough to allow brewing with any grind size; from very fine to very coarse. Different grind sizes mean the possibility of preparing a wide range of brew types and cup profiles–from coffee to cold brew, all with the same machine.

Their patented technology also provides superior convenience and ease of use: press a button and your coffee is ready in seconds.


Coffee Types

FrankOne can make a beverage remarkably similar to an espresso by using finely ground coffee, or even a full-bodied french press by using coarsely ground coffee. It all depends on the steeping time and the grind size you use. Above are some recipes. You can easily make an intense brew as well as a light brew, depending on your preference.


Save money by avoiding paper filters. Their fine metal mesh filter imparts no flavor into the coffee and lasts for hundreds of uses. The filter can easily be removed for cleaning.

FrankOne charges over USB in just 2 hours and makes up to 150 coffees on a single charge.

Cleaning is a breeze! FrankOne is completely waterproof.


Click here to Buy Now: $70 $99 (30% off).