The Echo Sub brings serious bass to your current Amazon home speaker


The Echo and Echo Dot have never been truly hi-fi audio devices. Their primary (in fact their only) aim has been to facilitate voice-based interaction and to gather data on users to serve them better using Amazon services. Today, at Amazon’s surprise hardware event, that all changed. The company revealed an add-on Echo Sub unit that could be used alongside the Echo and Echo Dot. Its purpose? To bring the bass!

Colliding head-on with companies like Sonos (or even Apple’s exorbitant Home Pod), the Echo Sub is a 100W down-firing woofer that can pair with existing Echo devices to bring a rich low-end to the music you listen to. The Sub can connect with as many as two Echo devices too, to give you a rather nifty stereo 2.1 setup. The Echo Sub’s up for pre-orders, with shipping beginning as soon as the end of this month!

Designer: Amazon

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Click Here to Pre-Order