Easy Listening at Any Age


I can’t remember the last time a radio even came across the desk, but there’s something quite refreshing about this throwback to the technology that started it all. Designed with elderly folk in mind, Elderadio (see what they did there?) aims to reintroduce the enjoyment of music in a familiar, easy-to-use way.

With an aesthetic that takes inspiration from Grundig radios of yesteryear, the design not only has vintage charm but is purposefully crafted to be more familiar than foreign. Its controls are also reduced to the essentials to encourage intuitive use. One knob controls channels, while the other functions as an on/off switch and volume control. In a handsome mix of wood, textile, and brass, this is one radio that can be passed down for generations.

Designers: Erfan Sheidai, Farid Hatami, Kimia Chavoshi & Shirin Amini