Subtly, Stylish Sound.


Over recent years Vinyls have made a comeback in a very big way, and this popular trend has shifted their demographic to a far younger audience. So, it’s only right for the aesthetics of the product to be more fitting to the new buyers, right?

Well William Fikilianz thought so, and thus, Vnl was born! This record player features an ultraminimal design that is emphasized by its monochromatic finish. Unlike a more conventional record-player, with Vnl record sits within the body as opposed to on top, this elevates the uniqueness of the design while also allowing for a fuss-free face for the product.

Packed within the sleek design are modern technologies that were not around in the time of its ancestors, such as Bluetooth, audio hi-res and a USB port. All things considered, it’s certainly brought the record player into the modern day in a stylish yet appropriate manner.

Designer: William Fikilianz