Motorola’s Sphere is the best of both worlds for audio-lovers


The concept’s been floating around for a while now, but trust Motorola to take risks and bring concepts to life. First with the Phonebloks, and now with the Sphere. Half Bluetooth speaker, half Bluetooth headphone, and complete inventiveness, the Sphere gives you the option of a wireless audio experience that’s both private and public, portable and powerful… because the Sphere is not just a Bluetooth speaker. It’s also a dock for a wireless pair of headphones. Designed in a rather made-for-each-other format, the spherical wireless speaker also acts as a dock and charging station for the wireless headphones, that when positioned properly, make use of contact charging pins to juice up (and also look like an alien head wearing headphones). When you’re in the mood for some high-octane audio, tap into the Sphere’s dual 8W audio drivers with bass porting. The minute you want a more personal, private audio experience, pop the wireless headphones out and continue listening to your audio through the headphones that provide 20 hours of play-time as well as noise isolation. You can quite literally have the best of both worlds!

Designer: Motorola

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