What it takes to make the greatest vacuum cleaner

If there were a category for the greatest vacuum in the world, I’m assuming it would have a few hallmarks to say the least. The vacuum must be powerful, no doubt… but it must also be lightweight, easy to use, even easier to maneuver, adjustable for various scenarios and heights, come with the ability to be used in various scenarios, and obviously… be cordless.

The FX9, debuted at AEG’s showcase at IFA Berlin 2018 isn’t just functional. It’s functionally superior. Designed to be cordless, the vacuum comes with enough battery power to clean your entire home on a single charge. Its lightweight design allows it to be easily maneuvered around the house, and the adjustable handle allows just about everyone to use it. Aside from the height-adjusting handle, the FX9 even lets you height-adjust its main motor. Doing this allows you to shift the center of gravity of the appliance as a whole, letting you maneuver the vacuum cleaner without straining your wrist, and even hold it up vertically to clean ceilings with relative ease.

The FX9 comes with a self-standing design that can stay vertically upright on its own (perfect for when you want to leave your vacuum cleaner for attending to a short task). When powered on, the FX9 lights up at its base, letting you vacuum clean even in low-light conditions, and its flexible base easily maneuvers across floors, under furniture, and on carpets. An extendable arm lets you pull the vacuum-head out and use it on places like book-shelves too, while its own set of attachments lets you clean anything from ceilings to behind the fridge (it comes with a 3-in-1 attachment that I was absolutely ‘floored’ by). A docking station allows the FX9 to charge while not in use.

The FX9 quite literally solves every problem in its brief (and without creating new ones). Designed to be more powerful and versatile than other cordless vacuums in its category, the FX9 was made for not just all homes, but for all people too. Its height-adjusting design, and CG-shifting mechanism is the result of sincere problem-solving merged with perfectionist German engineering!

Designer: AEG