The Ridge 2.0 Gives your Gadgets an ‘Elevated’ Experience

In a world of arbitrarily leveled tables and randomly positioned flat surfaces, the Ridge 2.0 provides a proper docking surface for your laptop, tablet, phone, or watch, allowing you to rest them at any height as well as any angle.

The irony is that as I write this post, I’m struggling with my laptop because I’m away from my home-office, where I’ve got my appropriate-heighted desk and perfectly leveled chair. I’m currently laying across the length of a sofa, propped up by a pillow, with the laptop on my lap, typing away while productivity slowly eludes me as I get more and more comfortable on the sofa’s plush construction.

The Ridge was made to prevent the side-effects of us interacting with technology over prolonged periods in wrong postures. Ever since gadgets have gotten smaller, they’ve had profound effects on our postures. We hunch in front of laptops, sleep with our smartphones, and that’s nothing short of a physiological disaster. Currently in its version 2, the Ridge corrects that interaction, probably indulging our tech addiction, but making sure to mitigate any unwanted physiological side-effects.

Sticking to its original format of folding down to a slim package, the Ridge 2.0 is just as functional as its first iteration, albeit with a stronger, more durable construction, and a few much-needed functional features. Built to plug the ergonomics gap between desktops and laptops, the Ridge 2.0 lets you position your laptop at an angle that’s much more comfortable for your neck, back and eyes. Its design allows you to elevate your laptop to heights of 200cm above its resting surface, to level the display perfectly, and its friction hinges allow you to set your laptop/tablet at pretty much any angle, while silicone resting pads and in-built cable organizers make sure your device and its workspace are treated with utmost care. Version 2.0 also comes with a set of add-ons that make the work-experience more streamlined. A cooling-fan kit sits within the Ridge’s hollow frame, turning laptop stand into a cooling-stand, and an extension clamp that lets you clamp on a USB hub to the base of your laptop, instantly giving you more USB ports for connecting your auxiliary devices or for charging your smart-tech.

Our gadgets aren’t going away any time soon, so we might as well use them conscientiously. The Ridge 2.0 adjusts your tech to a position that makes work + social interaction + content consumption easier for you. Use it in the office, at the desk to give yourself better productivity, or your standing-desk so that the laptop’s at the best angle for your work, or use the Ridge 2.0 in the gym, kitchen, or in bed for getting that perfect screen position while your hands are busy working out, cooking, or digging into a midnight snack!

Designer: Ridge Design

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Ridge Stand Mini $19 $35 (45% off)
Ridge Stand for Apple Watch $29 $39 (25% off)
Ridge Stand $39 $69 (43% off)
Ridge Stand Pro $55 $85 (35% off)


Ridge Stand 2.0 series was designed to fit the exact angle of your MacBook or iPad – with comfort. With an eye-level viewing experience your posture improves. When your neck and back feel relaxed, you can fully enjoy any task, safely use your device, and improve device usage time.



Ridge Stand Pro



The Ridge Stand Pro is designed especially for the MacBook. The new Pro stand is wider and thicker than the previous version as well as more sturdy and able to withstand the greater weight of a laptop. The design of The Ridge Stand Pro encourages a healthier posture for your neck and back as you work, play, and interact with the world.

Ridge Stand


The Ridge Stand is just the right solution for the iPad and e-reader. It can sustain a max weight of 4kg (9lbs) device by using it as position 1 like MacBook Air 11 inch. (Position 1: 4kg; Position 2: 1.3kg.) It is perfect for playing games and watching videos as well as working on your iPad.

Ridge Stand Mini



The Ridge Stand Mini is a smaller stand designed for mobile phones. The Mini is ideal for securing phones at the optimal angle to allow to comfortably watch videos, browse the news, chat with friends, and take selfies anywhere – even in the car.

Watch Stand



The Ridge Stand for the Apple Watch is their newest stand to join our family. Just snap your magnetic charger in place and let your watch charges automatically. Continuing in our Ridge Stand series, this watch stand also has a sleek design and is highly durable. It is simply a must-have for any Apple Watch owner.


Portable. Light to carry and simple to set up, using Ridge Laptop Stand is a breeze to use.


A Ridge Stand Carrying Case is including with every Ridge Stand Pro and Ridge Stand order.

Adjustable. Their stands can be adjusted and readjusted to fit any angle thanks to its strong hinge units – you can setup the stand to your eye level, and to relax your neck and back.


Built-in cable organizer. The Ridge Stand not only prevents stress on your neck and back, it removes the distracting jumble of wires with a built-in cable organizer. Regardless of the viewing angle, the charging cables can be organized and hidden from view.

Keeping things cool. The Ridge Stand reduces heat associated with laptops, tablets, and phones by elevating the units and providing better ventilation. Now their offer a new choice for a better ventilation solution – the cooling fan kit. Better air flow to reduce device heating whether you are playing computer games, watching videos, coding, or photo/video editing.

Extensional USB hub/QI wireless charging. With the Ridge Stand extensional clamp, you can add the USB hub, QI wireless charger. It’s compatible with different sized 3rd party products from 7 – 15 cm thickness. Just adjust the screws manually to fit different 3rd party product. No worries when you want to charge your phone while using your laptop, or not having enough USB ports.


Universally compatible.

Click here to Buy Now:

Ridge Stand Mini $19 $35 (45% off)
Ridge Stand for Apple Watch $29 $39 (25% off)
Ridge Stand $39 $69 (43% off)
Ridge Stand Pro $55 $85 (35% off)