Measuring for Dummies (AKA All Of Us)

There are two types of people: those who couldn’t measure anything to save their life… and those who pretend they can! For all of us, there’s Moasure ONE – a handy device that takes the guesswork out of determining volume, area, circumference, height, angle, and level.

It utilizes powerful motion-sensing tech (the same used in guided rocket systems!) to gain measurements. Unlike other devices that use cameras or lasers, users don’t have to worry about light interference. Not only for linear lengths, you can quickly determine the size of 3D objects like packages and irregular lines simply by moving it. Better yet, it syncs with your smartphone so all your readings are automatically saved. Beats the hell out of tape, pencils, and paper!

Designer: Alan Rock

Click here to Buy Now: $139.00 $249.00 (44% off)


World’s first motion measure tool. 3D Technologies’s groundbreaking, next-generation Moasure® engineering accurately measures volume, area, circumference, height, angle, level and more by simply moving.


Packed into a measure that fits in the palm of your hand, powerful motion sensors propel Moasure® ONE™ to a level of accuracy and versatility that can’t be beaten by lasers, AR, GPS, or Camera-based apps!





What is Motion Measuring?

Motion measuring is the technology used in rocket guidance systems to keep track of movement in 3D space. Moasure® uses this same technology to take and calculate precise measurements.


Using accelerometers, gyros, and magnetometers, Moasure® ONE™ plots its three-dimensional position in any space to measure distance, angle, level, and much more.

It doesn’t matter if there are obstacles like furniture or walls in the way. Hold a Moasure® device against any wall and measure the length of the room, the house, or even the whole plot just by walking and tapping the device, to measurements of 1000ft (300m) and over.

Other measuring tools fail when there’s too much light, too little light, or if space restricts them.


Moasure® ONE™, used with the Moasure® App, opens up a whole kit bag of measuring tools.


Click here to Buy Now: $139.00 $249.00 (44% off)