Some Real Gift Soap

Gift soaps are nice but their beauty and smell degrades with use which leads to most people never using them, to try and preserve the gift. What if Gift Soap really did contain a gift? Like a box of cracker jacks, use the soap to reach the special object in the middle. Clever.

Designer: Yoon Kuk Hyun


  • zippyflounder says:

    kinda nice, at least the prize is not a thumb drive……

  • igreenspot says:

    so we actually get two soap ? can we use the soap container which is a soap too …?

  • Lim says:

    Hey this remind me of Wonka sweet…. Different taste after different layers of the sweet coating melted in my mouth…

  • phil says:

    is it soap inside or some other gift? i remember this sort of thing as a kid. the soap was the shape of an egg and it had a little toy dinosaur inside. the idea was that you “hatch” your pet dinosaur as you use the soap. pity i just cracked mine open and discarded the soap.

  • old soaper says:

    Yanko has so many great designs, why wast space with such an old been there done that idea?

  • Soapsux says:

    Where have you been hiding? this crap has been around for at least 20+ years. Generally poor idea. The “prize” inside is never going to be worth the purchase of extra expensive soap to get some lame stone or quartz or sponge or whatever you think you want to put into a bar of soap. Come on people….

  • Shiella says:

    Looks nice and interesting…What is inside actually?

  • kuk says:

    There ia a fizzy soap inside the soap.
    The soap that used to be just thrown away when used to an extent where it has gotten too small or it cannot produce bubbles. The object inside an object waits for the moment by preparing its capability.
    When the soap is used to a certain extent, it naturally becomes a bathing product. Such bathing product melts inside the bath tub producing bubbles giving off everything it has until it disappears.

  • Gwenny says:

    I remember Fuzzy Wuzzy soap. It grew “hair” between uses and there was supposed to be a toy inside. I remember being about 6 and being traumatized because mine apparently did not have a toy inside. In retrospect, I realize one of my sibs probably dug it out. LOL

  • sevim says:

    çok yaratıcı bir fikir harikasınız

  • M. Caemmerer says:

    didn’t we all have these as kids? with the animals or rings inside?

    I had them… that was forever ago! it made me wash my hands so often so i could get the gifts!

    doesn’t seem “fresh” to me…

  • paul sandip says:

    its shameful….that fellow designers have forgotten the art of appreciation. i pity you old soaper & Soapsux

  • so beauty..What is inside actually?

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