A Turntable Without Compromise!

With the vast majority of music now being played through digital products and streaming services, it’s arguable that the emotion, quality and most significantly of all, the value of music, has been somewhat lost! This is extremely disappointing news as the unique and distinguishable audio that vinyl’s produce is slowly vanishing!

This is just the reason that Logigram was born, and who better to design such a product than music-lovers themselves?! Defoss Digital have successfully created a turntable that doesn’t compromise on either the quality of the audio or the design! The eye-catching and unique design of the plinth conceals a reinforcing layer, this creates an anti-resonant layer that considerably improves the audio quality! 3D printing has allowed for the tonearm to be manufactured as a single, jointless piece that carries an optimum form, this allows it to provided a totally even mechanical response for an enhanced listening experience!

This uncompromised audio quality is housed within a product that carries an unarguably striking design; the paired-back finishes and absence of unnecessary frills make Logigram a beautiful product that would be perfect for any music lover!

Designers: Luca Chieregato, Josefina Troncoso & Rosario Illanes of DEFOSS

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Logigram is a high-performance manual turntable.


The plinth is characterized by a unique shape that incorporates a reinforcing layer of composite material: this design allowed them to create an anti-resonant barrier between the tonearm/cartridge axis and the motor, considerably improving the audio quality:


Logigram is made of very few components, and its design looks simple and minimal. The diagonal shape of the plinth is our trademark: it gives a fresh look to their turntable and makes it a unique product on the market.


The Plinth

In order to achieve a premium audio quality, they managed to increase the audio standards by using a 30 mm antiresonant composite plinth, hold up by three non-decoupling supports.


The Motor

Logigram is a traditional belt-drive turntable with 33 ⅓ and 45 RPM manual speeds. Its synchronous motor is put in suspension inside the plinth’s body through an O-ring. Pivot to Spindle stiffening plate, separated from the motor by composite anti-vibration system.


The Tonearm

Thanks to 3D printing, they managed to manufacture a single piece and jointless tonearm, which is optimally shaped to provide a totally even mechanical response.



– Manual belt-drive system 33 ⅓ or 45 RPM
– Synchronous motor
– Gimbal 3d printed tonearm
– Anti-skating
– Pivot to Spindle distance 222mm
– Effective arm length 237mm
– Overhang 15mm
– Offset Angle 22°
– Inner null point 57,2mm / Outer null point 120,4mm
– Cartridge weight range: 4gr to 12gr
– Audio-Thecnica AT95e MM (Logigram One)
– Ortofon 2m Red MM (Logigram One Premium)
– Ortofon 2m Blue MM (Logigram One Ultimate)
– RCA Line Stereo Out + separate ground
– Machined MDF (Logigram One) / Wood plinth (Logigram One Premium) / Composite plinth (logigram One Ultimate)
– Easy setup
– Low resonance MDF (Logigram One) and acrilic platter (Logigram One Premium / Logigram One Ultimate)
– Felt slipmat (Logigram One)
– Cork slipmat (Logigram One Premium / Logigram One Ultimate)
– Dimensions Logigram One / Logigram One Premium – 454x362x145 mm (WxDxH)
– Dimensions Logigram One Ultimate – 454x362x175 mm (WxDxH)
– Weight Logigram One / Logigram One Premium – 6,2 kg
– Weight Logigram One Ultimate – 9,1 kg
– Universal AC to DC power supply compatible with US or European standard
– Dustcover included

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