The Tour Guide of The Future


Traveling is a wonderful past time, it allows our horizons to be broadened, alters our perspective of the world around us and creates memories that we can treasure for a lifetime to come. But it can also be incredibly daunting, especially if the destination is unfamiliar to us and the pressure to see everything that the place has to offer can become overwhelming. This is where BANDI comes into play!

BANDI is your very own personal tour guide, and it knows exactly where to go! This rather adorable robot can be summoned by the click of a button, and all you must do is follow the little red flag! The slanted top accommodates a large display that presents a map of the route to the user, engaging them in the journey.

This wonderful, little autonomous robot aims to eliminate the confusion that can come with navigating around an unfamiliar city and allows the user to focus on making those all-important memories instead!

Designer: Jonggun Kim