Resurgence of the Record Player


Just because you’re a record collector doesn’t necessarily mean your interior style is hipster-vintage (although it’s usually a pretty good indicator!). For those of us who prefer the modern, minimalist route, designs like Runda exist. It merges an age-old product with ultra-modern style so it seamlessly integrates with a contemporary interior. Free of frill and presented in a monochromatic color scheme, it’s less old-timey and a more sleek addition to any credenza or entertainment console.

Designer: James Hoare


The packaging for Runda needed to be equally as minimal while still ensuring that the product is the point of interest. A frosted plastic cover gives it a clean aesthetic while adding an element of suspense.


A Pitch Controller is still present and is integrated into the design. This is in the form of a dial; it protrudes out of the right hand side of the device and past the split in the body.


Functionality isn’t limited. The USB and headphone port are easily accessible as they are hidden behind a rubber tab in the front facade of the product.



Rather than just a light indicating that the device is powered on, the change in position of the power switch is an added visual indicator of this. It fills in the break in the body with a tactile response.


While keeping the design minimal, the usability and user experience cannot be compromised. The volume dial uses subtle LED lights to display the volume level.