Canvia Lets You Display Priceless Paintings In Your Home

I’m not a minimalist by far, but there’s a reason the walls in my house are bare. I’m indecisive. It’s the same reason I’ve never been able to get a tattoo. It’s a commitment I can’t seem to make because I don’t know what my tastes and opinions will be five years down the line. (Yes, I watched Hannah Gadsby’s Nanette and maybe I’m not a Picasso fan anymore)

That being said, Canvia promises to make that fickle-mindedness less of a problem. The framed display is perfectly painting-sized, and lets you literally select from a massive repository of artworks (sorted by artist, description, genre, medium, etc.) and display the art on its display. However, here’s where it’s distinctly different from other photo-frame displays. Developed by Palacio, the Canvia comes with a 1920×1080 full HD Advanced IPS display, but within the frame also lies Palacio’s proprietary Artsense technology. Sensors within the frame read surrounding visual conditions. Canvia combines this data with image processing techniques and existing ‘reflection profiles’ (defined through prior testing of similar environments and artwork images) and use this data to capture the realistic reflective behaviors of physical art, making it look incredibly similar to a painted canvas rather than a digital display. Put the Canvia in a sunny room and the painting looks more vivid, or frame Canvia in the hallway near your door and it modulates the display’s colors and brightness to feel less like a display and more like an actual print.

The Canvia’s display is all about freedom of expression, for you as the owner. Owners of the Canvia get access to Palacio’s online portal of art (containing thousands of paintings from the classics to the moderns), while for just $10 a month, a premium account with Canvia gets you access to commissioned artpieces by famous and upcoming artists, illustrators, and photographers (Palacio gives back to the artists by sharing revenue with them). Designed to be used in landscape or in portrait, you can simply select artworks or even create a playlist of paintings to be displayed on Canvia’s revolutionary screen. Through the smartphone app, you can even zoom into the paintings, cropping out parts you don’t like, or even choose to display captions with the details of the artwork. Having a get-together? You can turn Canvia into a photo frame too, displaying photos from your camera roll or social media… and Palacio’s also working on Google Home and Alexa integration with the Canvia, allowing you to literally change paintings (and in turn the theme of your home decor) with a sentence!

Designer: Palacio Inc.

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Canvia is a smart display that makes digital images of art look like authentic paintings and prints.


Canvia offers lovers of art and design an authentic and harmonious viewing experience with an unprecedented level of freedom to change and explore. Controlled via an intuitive app, web account or voice-enabled devices such as Amazon Alexa, Canvia makes it easy to find art to suit changing tastes, keep you inspired and enliven your surroundings.




Canvia is driven by Palacio’s proprietary (patent-pending) ArtSense technology that simulates the behavior of a physical painting or high quality print on a digital screen, whatever the environment.

Built-in sensors read ambient visual conditions and this data is used to actively adapt the displayed image. The light-emitting screen therefore appears solely light-reflective, as with physical art, and ensures all images retain a realistic painting or print-like quality (conserving details like texture, color and individual brushstrokes) under any conditions.

ArtSense also enables art selections that better suit an environment and context. In this way, Canvia offers a more realistic and harmonious art viewing experience than any computer monitor or TV; so real, in fact, that it’s difficult to tell the difference between Canvia and physical art.


Canvia is linked to a huge online library that includes artworks from all genres, eras, cultures and media (including photography), offering choices to suit any mood, occasion, context and décor.

Need something relaxing for a late-night study session? You can schedule one of Monet’s calming waterlily paintings. Friends over for the big game? Go for a George Bellows from one of our ‘Sports’ themed playlists. Throwing a house party? We’ve got an explosive Kandinsky or energetic Degas cabaret scene for that.

Users can schedule their own playlists and upload personal images via the app (iOS or Android), web account, USB or MicroSD. Information about an artwork and artist can be added as an overlay, and the entire artwork can be explored through zoom and repositioning functionality within the app.


Click here to Buy Now: $275 $550 (50% off). Hurry, only 9 left!