Tranquillity Embodied in A Table


For the majority of us, our living rooms are a place of calmness, they are a place for relaxing and recovering after a long day. So, with this in mind, surely the items of furniture that reside within it should enhance the level of peacefulness.

Lake has been designed to do just that! As the name would suggest, it has been inspired by the tranquillity that comes with the body of water; their beautiful silence, crystal clear depth and composed nature have been embodied in the form of an undeniably unique side table.

Three plexiglass vessels, each identical in size, form the transparent legs, onto which the circular top rests. Molded into this are three ‘drops’, all of which can be filled with water, flowers, fruit or other small items, to add an element of interest to the otherwise minimal design. Much like a calm forest lake on a peaceful summer’s morning, this table opens up space for imagination to be set free.

Designer: Maya Prokhorova