The Cavalier Maverick is Amazon Echo’s hipster cousin


In a market filled with tech companies building smart speakers to leverage the increase in voice-input to their favor, Cavalier’s Maverick stands out as a speaker designed for performance first, and for smart-features later. Built by a team of designers, engineers, and overall music aficionados, the Maverick stays true to its name by being one. Stepping away from the usual plastic and metal construction, the Maverick uses cutom-knit fabrics, distressed leather, and genuine wood too, to give you a speaker that conforms yet doesn’t. The speaker comes with Alexa built into it, making it like every smart speaker, but visually, and performance-wise, a class apart.

The Maverick comes with a 20W performance featuring two active drivers and dual passive radiators that fill the entire room with a sound that most smart-speakers can only dream of. Made with Bluetooth and WiFi capabilities, the speaker is fully portable, boasting of 9 hours of play time, and even comes with a charging dock of its own, complete with a leather finish. Built with Amazon Alexa and far-field voice activation, the Maverick lets you control it the way you’d control your smart-speaker, using voice input, accessing all the services Amazon’s Alexa gives you access to. For the analog-lovers, the Maverick comes with a control panel on it too. As far as playback is concerned, the Maverick comes with Cavalier’s partner app, allowing you to connect multiple Maverick speakers to one another and create a sound-stage around your house.

Fitting in the small intersection of the Venn diagram between true music lovers and tech lovers, the Maverick delivers on all fronts, with its incredible sound profile, voice assistant, and that difficult-to-ignore retro-premium aesthetic!

Designer: Cavalier Audio

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