The fidget spinner made functional

Striking a perfect balance between work and play, want and need, the Multitool Fidget Spinner is weird in a way that makes us like it. With a ceramic ball-bearing center, the spinner spins with the smoothness you’d expect from high-end fidget toys… but more importantly, around its edge are six spokes with six different multi-tools attached.

With two straight screwdrivers, two Phillips heads, and two Torx tips, the fidget spinner has all you’d need to tinker and fix things… and when you’re not, just keep spinning away!

The fidget spinner comes with a zinc alloy body, while each individual tool-bit is made out of Chromium-vanadium steel and snaps magnetically to the fidget spinner’s body, allowing you to store the heads separately and take them out when you need them, but if you ask me, keeping them magnetically attached to the fidget spinner gives the toy much more character!

Designer: Uncommon Goods

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