The world’s prettiest Dumb-phone


A person’s only motivation to leave a smartphone either stems from A. realization and frustration with the addiction, or B. being presented with a better alternative.

The Halcyon concept phone was birthed keeping both those motivations in mind. Not really a dumb-phone but rather a reality-phone, the Halcyon enables you to disconnect from the internet and reconnect with your surroundings. Its gorgeous design helps too, by making you want to leave your blockish smartphone and adopt the beautiful glossy bent-slab that is the Halcyon.

Made in a clam-shell format with basic controls and two screens (one on the front-face and one on the inside), the phone serves as a simple connection tool, allowing for phone calls and text messages only. The black and white UI keeps it simple too, discreetly notifying you when you have a call or a text, and otherwise constantly reminding you to stay in sync with the world around you with its slogan “reality awaits”.

The phone’s design is just simply breathtaking, with a seamless form that bends gracefully at the middle, looking a lot like a wallet. It comes with one solitary speaker, and a USB Type-C charging port. Payments are made courtesy a pay-as-you-go plan (that allows you to know how much time you’ve spent on your phone) and bills can be paid monthly through direct-debit or PayPal.

Designer: Mike George