The DP-2 is probably the most beautiful earphone ever made


Towing a fine line between consumer electronics and ornamentation, the DP-2 is exactly what I want trend-setting technology to look like. Designed quite unlike any wireless earphone you’ve seen or you’ll ever see, the DP-2 by Dotcom Creation comes in obsidian black, in an open loop. Wearing them may not feel intuitive at first, but they’re designed to stay on your ear and look incredible as they do.

In a world where we’ve got in-ear, on-ear, and around-ear style headphones, the DP-2 breaks the mold as it holds onto the earlobe in its signature fashion by twisting open and closed. Still in its conceptual stages, the DP-2 was showcased (albeit within glass casing) at CES Asia, alongside Dotcom’s other ventures, which include a coffee kiosk where a robotic arm brews, prepares and serves you your coffee!

Designer: Dotcom Creation