A Bird’s Eye View

Skyros is an aerial camera which takes unparalleled overhead photographs. It illuminates a unique bird’s eye view from where one can understand the intimate relationship with the environment in a refreshing new light. If you’re a more cynical reader, just think of it as a way to see what birds see before they do a #2 on your car or worse, you!

How it works: Skyros is pneumatically launched up to 120 feet in the air where it stabilizes itself as the rotors start. As it flies back to the user it takes photographs at various intervals. The user then links it back to its base and can view the photographs. There is an inbuilt sensor in the flying module which brings the camera back to the user too. Thank the gods because I hate chasing after my toys.

One thing I love about this concept is the ability to use it as a regular camera. Most other aerial cams I’ve seen completely negate this novel fact.

Designer: Siddharth Kambe & Dipti Hanako Kambe