The Perfect Addition to The Modern Workspace?


The modern work environment is very different from how it was a decade or two ago; laptops and tablets have allowed for flexible workspaces and the furniture needs to be able to accommodate these changes!

One of the largest challenges that this modern style of work brings is that it must suit each individual user, but each user has very different preferences for what they perceive as the perfect working environment, so adaptability is key! Designer Joe Doucet identified these issues and his solution came in the form of the, rather striking, ‘MY’ seating system.

The adaptability and customizability stems from the unique legs; they house the ability for a series of accessories such as lighting and personal worktables to be attached to and switched-out, to ensure that the user’s needs are met. In addition to this, moveable screens can be added to the seating to add an element of privacy, and a freestanding base can be used to increase the flexibility of the workspace even further!

Designer: Joe Doucet