The best small sleeping earplugs now in 100% recycled plastics for improved mental health

Some of the best products are created as a result of a direct, personal need. They say necessity fosters invention and Happy Ears are no different. Designed after one of its founders suffered hearing loss in one ear for an entire year, following a surfing accident in Bali, Happy Ears was formed to offer a reusable, better-looking, better fitting alternative to those hideous memory-foam earbuds that you throw away after a single use.

Happy Ears earplugs debuted in 2015, going on to becoming a favorite of users as well as organizations and events like SXSW and Lollapalooza. The earplugs helped people to sleep peacefully, work quietly, attend concerts “responsibly” and to simply help people avoid hearing loss in the long term from being in high-decibel environments. Happy Ears came with a sleek, oval design that could easily fit snugly in each ear, with a barely noticeable stem that didn’t obstruct your sleep or movement in any way. Now they’re back in their same, slim, reusable avatar, albeit with one small, significant upgrade… they’re made entirely out of recycled plastics that help reduce ocean pollution as well as noise pollution!

The ‘Happy Ears Recycled’ aims at tackling the waste created by the 1 billion single-use earplugs that are worn and discarded as trash each year. Made from FDA-approved 100 % recycled ABS and TPE plastics, Happy Ears help take plastics out of our oceans, and are designed to be worn multiple times for years, preventing any reentry of plastic into our natural ecosystems. They come with the same, crowd-favorite Happy Ears design that debuted in 2015 (and saw its millionth pair sold in 2020), featuring the 2-part construction of the tiny plastic stem and the elastomer earbud around it. The earplugs sport three sizes that help cover a variety of ear-canal shapes and widths, fitting a wide majority of people, and last over a year with regular daily/nightly use. They’re small enough to fit securely into your ear without any danger of falling out, and can even be worn while sleeping, or with a helmet when motorcycling. Each pair of Happy Ears Recycled comes with its own dedicated carry case, and are sustainably manufactured in Sweden, adhering to strict environmental laws. Overall, they do a much better job at noise-canceling than even the most expensive, over-engineered earbuds (with an SNR of 25 decibels), while effectively being cheaper than disposable single-use foam earbuds in the long run… and vastly better for the environment too!

Designer: Happy Ears

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Happy Ears Recycled – An Earplug for the 21st Century

One billion “traditional” earplugs are purchased, used and thrown away every year. In an effort to better its own reusable earplugs and rid the industry of its wasteful ways, Happy Ears of Sweden has developed the world’s first earplugs made of 100% recycled plastics.

Happy Ears Recycled will be made of 100 % recycled ABS and TPE plastics, both of which are FDA approved materials.

With no metal filters or wasteful foam “replacement tips” Happy Ears has designed an earplug that is truly reusable and sustainable. It’s best in class durability make it less expensive than even the cheapest traditional earplugs while also being technically superior. Happy Ears are CE Certified to offer the most even “attenuation” of any non-custom made earplug.

The unique construction, with a hardened “foot” at one end and a soft “leg” at the other, reduces sound levels evenly across the frequencies (attenuation) without changing the sound quality or comfort.

New Versatile Case

Happy Ears new rugged and versatile case also made of 100% recycled plastics! When not laying next to the nightstand, take your Happy Ears along when traveling, working, motorcycling or going to a concert.

The Complete “Package”

When one billion earplugs are thrown away each year it means the packaging for those earplugs also end up in the landfill. The waste is immense. So was the challenge to craft a sustainable packaging solution. Each pair of Happy Ears Recycled will be packaged in a paper material that is not just recyclable, but compostable.

The Benefits of Happy Ears Recycled

– Made from 100% recycles plastics.
– Extremely durable.
 Each pair lasts one year or longer (when used daily/nightly).
– Low cost. Happy Ears has not just designed a sustainable earplug, they have designed a sustainable earplug that is actually less expensive than traditional earplugs.
– 3 Sizes ensure comfort. Earplugs are not a one size fits all product. Happy Ears Recycled are offered in sizes small, medium & large to fit your ears.

– SNR 25 dB
– Most even attenuation of ANY non-custom made earplug.

– Simple to use. No rolling, twisting, stuffing or contorting into your ear. Once you’ve discovered your size, just grab the stem and insert.
– Easy maintenance. Clean with rubbing alcohol or soap and warm water to extend life.

Is $40-$45 expensive for a pair of earplugs? Not when each pair lasts one year!

Click Here to Buy Now: $40. Hurry, less than 48 hours left!