Beautiful Desk Organizers That Are Inspired by Nature!


Desk organization is something that a lot of us battle with each day, and there are a wide variety of desk organizers available to us that aim to assist in the removable of unwanted clutter! But none of them have looked quite like this series, where their form is based on some of the most beautiful and tranquille sights that nature has to offer… Valleys, Pools and Waterfalls.

These creative forms consist of rows of thread that the user can neatly place items on or longer items, such as pens, securely in. This flexible method of organizing stationary also lends itself to cable management and holding smart devices in place, clearing the desk up even further!

The three stunning forms can be combined to create visually interesting, sculpture-like desk accessories that will encourage the user to have a far neater workspace.

Designer: Seungyeol Lee



The Waterfall.


The Valley

A desk organizer that can be used by putting on or inserting other office supplies such as pencils and erasers. In addition, multiple smart devices can be inserted and can be used to help organize various cables.


The Pool

An organizer that utilizes the half-spin properties of a string. The user can check, remove, or store clips or rubber bands without having to open the lid with difficulty.