A Coffee-cup Designed for Everywhere and Everyday


Imagine a cup of coffee. Imagine its shape. A distinct form will come to mind. A cylindrical/tapering-cylindrical vessel, probably white in color, made of ceramic, or transparent. It has a handle too, to make holding a hot cup easy. Now imagine coffee on the go. Tumbler shaped design. Made of wax-lined paper, with a cardboard sleeve and a plastic lid. It’s difficult for either cup to fit in the opposite scenario. A cup of coffee at home doesn’t make for a good on-the-go experience and vice versa… paper cups at home aren’t ideal either.

The aesthetic of the Swig Reusable Coffee Cup may seem slightly alien to either scenario. Neither does it have a handle, nor a cardboard sleeve. It isn’t cup-shaped, or tumbler-shaped, but rather an amalgamation of both… because its newly devised form was made to cater to both at-home and on-the-go scenarios. A borosilicate glass tumbler with a textured silicone sleeve on the outside, leakproof lid on top, and food-grade silicone mouthpiece for sipping, the Swig is perfect for sipping on homemade as well as store-bought coffee. The entire cup is dishwasher as well as microwave friendly and can be reused multiple times, while the silicone cover outside it provides insulation, keeping the coffee inside hot and not your hand. It additionally provides friction too, preventing against accidental knock-overs.

The cup’s design fits in the slim intersection between both experiences. It keeps your coffee hotter for longer, making it ideal for at home or in your car, while its proportions remain perfect for both gripping as well as storing in your car’s cup-holder. The innovative lid that sits atop the Swig keeps the cup airtight, while the silicone mouthpiece’s rotatable design makes it leak-proof when you want, and easy to sip through, when you need.

Most cups are designed to look a certain way to conform to a scenario, or a style of drinking. Espresso cups look different, latte cups look different, travel cups look different, and thermoses look different… the Swig looks the way it does because it combines all scenarios into a singular reusable product that does one thing and one thing right, deliver the perfect dose of coffee, no matter where!

Designer: Blake Winterbottom

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Unlike most other reusable coffee cups currently available, Swig is made using 100% food grade silicone rubber and high-temperature resistant glass. Liquid silicone rubber’s characteristics and chemical properties make it an ideal material for this design. Liquid silicone rubber parts are also chemically inert, hypoallergenic and resistant to bacteria growth. They also feature high biocompatibility, which is why this material is often used in medical applications.


Swig has been engineered to withstand extremely high temperatures, allowing it to be 100% dishwasher and microwave safe. Thanks to both its materials and intuitive user-centered design, Swig is able to carry even the hottest of hot chocolates without breaking a sweat.






Click here to Buy Now: $21.00 $26.00 (20% off)


As a practicing Industrial Designer, Blake has extensive experience in developing a wide range of products from concept design to manufacturing and mass production. This includes working collaboratively with a number of international manufacturers to develop products in a variety of industries from medical and mining to consumer goods and leisure products. With a portfolio that includes award-winning work, Blake aims to design products that focus on how individuals interact with their everyday world.

Click here to Buy Now: $21.00 $26.00 (20% off)